"No performance requirement in SCUBA Diving is more poorly defined or less often achieved than__BuoyancyControl."
cave and cavern diving
BuoyancyQuest does not teach cave diving or offer to conduct cavern tours for open water divers. John is a "FULL CAVE" Certified diver since 1995, not a Cave Diving Instructor. We offer workshops that develope "high end" buoyancy control SKILLS, the kind that are needed to just show up for the first day of cave class. The kind of fundamentals, that sadly, most people do not have on the first day of cave class, even the open water instructors and divemasters who "SHOULD" know better.
We promise to help you develop skills that will put a smile on your cave instructor's face on your first day of  training. "IF" you have no plans to "EVER" be a technical diver, you'll still be nothing less than a diver with "cave diver worthy" fundamentals.

WHAT WE DO OFFER: is to arrange for our workshop participants to go on a Cenote Tour with colleagues that we have known for many years and to sample an environment where solid fundamentals are critical to success. We believe that there is no better time to experience this introduction to caves, than right after a week of practicing Frog Kick & Buoyancy Control SKILLS.

PLEASE VISIT OUR OTHER CENOTE PAGE: for hints that may help you plan a Cenote Tour, even if you are not one of our DIVE TRAVELERS.

What better time to do a cavern tour than right after a week of buoyancy practice?

 BuoyancyQuest  can arrange an optional Cenote Tour after the compleation of the Frog Kick & Buoyancy Control Workshop.

This adventure includes round trip passage on the ferry that runs between Cozumel and Playa del Carmen, two single tank dives in the Mayan Underworld and lunch.

We think that divers who have just devoted thirteen dives to polishing their buoyancy skills and their frog kick, deserve to experience something special. Such divers, owe it to themselves  to do this "with style".
PHOTO: john noftall
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RIVIERA MAYA is an area of the Mexican State of Quintana Roo that includes some of the best cave diving in the world. These portals to the Maya Underworld offer a rare opportunity for the open water diver to experience a little bit of the beauty of these incredible underground rivers. Buoyancy Control is very importanttto all divers who venture into this extreme envioronment, both cave divers and those recreational divers who opt for this rare treat. Buoyancy Control not only protects the diver from injury but it protects the decorated portions of the cavern from damage caused by careless or unskilled divers. Make no mistake .... this is a serious overhead environment, even for the divers who never leave the zone of ambient light.

BuoyancyQuest has been selling "just for fun" recognition items i.e. embroidered patches and silk screened t-shirts for about 6 years. We recently took these items off of the diving website and gave them a new home on their own website:
On the left is the 3rd edition of our cenote diver patch.
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cave diver in sac aktun
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cave diver profile in open water
REMEMBER: Still Photos only record how good a diver was for a fraction of a second....VIDEO IS BETTER!

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