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We went to Cabo in 1995 and again in 2005. In 1995 Maureen was not a diver. I did some diving with a shop called Pacific Coast Adventures. On the whole a positive experience and an introduction to the diving that Los Cabos has to offer. PCA went under financially in the decade between our visits and of the, perhaps ,  dozen or so  operations that we had to choose from in  2005  we managed to choose one that was a disappointment.  The owners  had an attitude that  we did not  like.  We  had 4 different dive guides over our stay, none of whom could buy a job on  Cozumel  with a fist full of fifties. Once again, this is our yardstick but an effective one as , I'm sure, most divers who are familiar with the quality of the dive guides on that island will support.  It can be cold there but in  the fall  it is  balmy and the ocean is too warm for wetsuits.  The coral is scarce, so are a lot of  species of fish that are common in  the Caribbean.  Much of the diving is done at Pelican Rocks and around Lands End and the mountainous formations there including the famous arch.  There are sea lions and sometimes swift currents. There is a wreck right off  the point.  Lovers Beach cuts a football field sized swath through the mountain range and  the dive boats sometimes put their divers off on the beach while they return to the shops for more tanks. Cabo San Lucas  is close by. The contrast between the calm Sea of Cortez side of this beach and the Pacific side is notable.  There are times when you can wade into the Pacific side to your knees and find yourself back on the beach in a flash. Other dive sites worth visiting if you can find a good operator  are: Gordo Banks, a sea mount that once boasted large schools of big sea life and still has a population of timid scalloped hammerheads. Also Cabo Pulmo a two hour ride by auto to the north of Los Cabos boasts the only coral reef on the west coast of North America but don't let your hopes get too high. We did see more puffer fish than we have ever seen prior or ever expect to again.
Maureen was not keen on this place (Los Cabos). Not the diving or the town. This is Mexico with a distinct California/Arizona flavor. It looks like those places and because it is close to the west coast of the United States it has taken on that character, we thought. There is a marina in Cabo San Lucas, an expensive looking marina and food is very expensive near the harbor.
We stayed at Los Milagros. http://www.losmilagros.com.mx/  This is the one good thing that we discovered and if you must go to Cabo and you wish to do it on a sensible budget, you can't go wrong with this little place. The owner, Sandra, is knowledgeable about the area and can make dining recommendations and arrange airport transfers.
Los Cabos is a popular fishing place but not that much of a dive destination. It is one of the few places in Mexico where I can get up with the roosters and find a hot cup of coffee at 6:00AM or maybe even earlier. I'm an early riser and I must admit the fishermen & Cabo got that right.
To be fair, the term Los Cabos refers to both Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo (where the airport is) and everything in the 26 miles between the two towns. Our experience is limited to Cabo San Lucas. What San Jose del Cabo may offer is beyond the scope of our experience.
If we ever do return to Baja it will probably be to have a look at La Paz.
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