I stopped in Campeche  on my way back from Chiapas in November of 2009. Maureen was to join me in Cancun after I had spent 9 nights operating from just the small carry on backpack that I had brought with me.We would not dive on this trip. This trip was about experimenting with just how little we could carry. She would not check a bag either.
I had spent a month in Merida living with a Mexican family back in 2006 and had wanted to go to Campeche  for one of the week-ends but had failed to do so.
Campeche is a smaller city than Merida but the buildings are similar. I stayed at the Monkey Hostel. It is right on the zocalo. It was my first time ever staying in a youth hostel and quite a bargain at $9USD per night. You can't beat the location. The foto above was taken from the roof and you can see my shadow next to that of the cross that is on the corner of the building. Everyone was painting when I was there and they were fixing the city up to look really nice. It is a UNESCO world heritage site and city planners must abide by strict rules when building and refurbishing buildings in order to maintain their colonial integrity. This is one of the very old colonial cities of the new world and parts of the fortress still remain in evidence.
I did not visit the ruins at Edzna which are not far from the city but I liked the place well enough to return some day so I still may add that to my growing list of archeological sites that I have visited in Mexico.
john noftall

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